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TOP STORY: Wall that Heals
The wall that heals is a traveling monument that honors men and women who never made it home for Vietnam war is in fort mill this weekend.
A Joyful Ride
When we see those big yellow busses some might say the most important person may just be the driver.
You might just be after running the latest 5-K obstacle course.
TOP STORY: South Carolina's Ebola Plan
Today South Carolina DHEC releasing details of how the Palmetto State will respond should we have an Ebola patient as well as what's being done around the clock to protect residents.
Searching for Home
A Rock Hill elderly woman reaching out to CN2 News for help after she says she was told she could rent an apartment and then days later she learned she couldn't get that home.

March 22, 2012: Rock Hill, S.C. -- It's a parents worst fear. Your child is choking and you can't do anything to help them. That's what happened recently on York Tech's campus.