Top Local Stories
TOP STORY: Agri-tourism Center Talks
Western York County looking to draw more people to that side of town to get some of those competitive tourism dollars.
Drive for a Cure
People gathering, hoping to find a cure for a deadly disease and seeing the results of their work first hand.
Taking Care of Business
According to a recent study, South Carolina ranks Sixth in the nation, for Growth in women-owned businesses.
TOP STORY: Taxes, Tennis Shoes & Beer Taps
Not one but 3 businesses breaking ground on this wednesday and we're not talking about small projects.
Acting Winthrop President
We're talking about winthrop's acting president who's taken on 2 major roles at the university since the firing of former president, Dr. Jamie Comstock Williamson.

February 16, 2012: Rock Hill, S.C. -- Rock Hill Fire Department is sporting some new gear these days.