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Avenues to Employment

Apparently my team’s New Year’s resolution did not include updating blogs! I’m afraid we’ve left this page in a sad state of affairs, but we have made an April resolution (Why not? Who says resolutions have to be in January? :) to get back on the Blog Bandwagon!

It is amazing how busy one can get, but it’s also amazing how much one can get done when they’re super busy!

Case in point. For those who watch the news you know I’m in Leadership York County this year. Back in September our class decided we wanted to focus on a project that would hopefully help put a dent in the county’s high unemployment problem.

So, Leadership York County (a program of the chambers of commerce of York County) partnered with the United Way of York County to host Avenues to Employment, a free job skills fair. That project is now at its most critical point -- and I'm in charge of Marketing! Needless to say, that's taken up more than a little bit of my time!

Here are the details and please spread the word. The fair will be held on Saturday, May 1 from 10 a.m. to 2 Baxter Hood Center (452 S. Anderson Road in Rock Hill) and is open to the public.

Avenues to Employment will help job seekers improve their interview skills, how to 'dress to impress' for interviews, develop and improve resumes (be sure to bring your latest version), use the Internet to search for jobs, learn about business ownership and discover available education and training opportunities. The event is intended to help people improve skills that will lead to employment.

They say give a busy person something to do and it will get done. Well, give nearly 30 busy people something to do and it's truly remarkable what can be achieved.

Here's to hoping Avenues to Employment is a success! Please click the links below to find out more information about Avenues to Employment.

Avenues to Employment Flyer
Avenues to Employment Brouchure

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