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Celebrity Apprentice

I am a huge TV fan, which makes sense since I work in TV. I also love reality television because mainly I can escape for an hour or two. Working in TV News can be very stressful and sad so reality TV really doesn’t take a lot of effort.

I have many favorite shows, but I am hooked right now on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice. First of all I really like Donald Trump. When he is in the boardroom he will ask the type of hard and uncomfortable questions TV reporters often ask the people they are interviewing, so I like that he is doesn’t take it easy on these celebrities. Plus, man the dude gives away thousands and thousands of dollars to charities.

Second, I just love the concept of the show. We all work with folks who would be great project leaders and others we wish WE could fire! I have learned so much from watching this show in terms of how to get along with people from different backgrounds. I find it fascinating.

I really like the celebrities who are on the show this season. Cyndi Lauper, WOW!, she is something. I had to idea she was such a scatterbrain. I mean she is all over the place during challenges. It’s like dealing with a kid. But she is so talented and she does get the job done. Hey it makes for good TV.

If I had to pick which celebrity on the show I am more like it would probably be celebrity Chef Curtis Stone. He is laid back, fun, but he still knows when to work. It’s funny to be all nice and laid back he will throw someone under the bus if he has to.

I am excited because they are bringing back the original Apprentice concept for folks who have just lost their jobs because of the economy. I know I will be watching that show as well.


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