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Inside Rock Hill

I am going behind the scenes at the City of Rock Hill. I’m taking a 10 week Community Civics Course that basically teaches city residents all about their city.

Each week one city department will put together a presentation. For example, the Rock Hill Fire Department brought in an old car and showed us how they rescue someone who is trapped inside a car. It was truly amazing to see these fire crews in action. I mean how often can you watch this type of activity on purpose.

I am lucky, I know, because of my job I get to interview various city department heads and get to see some pretty cool things, but I have learned more from this class than from my job. That’s because I have the time to really take in the information inside of getting it and just repeating it hours later. Plus I do get to see people that I normally would never get to meet because they might not be the ones who can speak to the media.

I am so impressed with how the various city departments explain what they do. I mean they have slide shows, pamphlets and some really great hands-on activities.

If you want to learn more about your city, as a Rock Hill resident, I would strongly encourage you to sign up for the next class. If I could I would do it again!


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