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Can you wrap a gift with just three pieces of tape?

 Obviously Christmas is right around the corner and many of you – mainly us guys – will start wrapping your presents Christmas Eve. So I have a question for you – Can you wrap a gift using just three pieces of tape.

I watch the NBC sitcom “The Office” and in one episode Pam said you should use just three pieces of tape when it comes to gift wrapping.


I don’t know about you and I don’t think this is a gender issue, but I have never wrapped a gift using just three pieces of tape. I mean I use three pieces just on the top! Don’t even get me started on the sides. Man I bet you I go through – no lie – like seven pieces of tape on the ends. I can never get them to meet.


My wife can wrap very well and will do most of our presents (though I do kick in and help out!), but I’ve noticed even she has to use more than three pieces of tape. This year we are using more gift bags. This could be because of the odd shape of the gifts we are giving to our loved ones.


Whether you use three pieces of tape or like 50 it’s really the thought that counts. Now I know that is a little over the top, but really it’s nice to know that someone went through all of that effort just for you.


I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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