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Never Far From Home

June 26, 2009 11:23 AM

I was off this last week, actually traveling to Hawaii for a wedding. Rough I know.  It was a wonderful week exploring both Oahu and the Big Island and I felt thoroughly relaxed by the end. In fact, I believe palm trees might just be the cure to many ailments (see attached picture:)! While Hawaii is of course part of the states, being off the mainland does make you feel quite removed (and even a News Director needs the occasional break from the constant influx of news).
So, you can imagine my surprise when I was sitting in Honolulu’s airport waiting for our flight back, when what did I hear on the television above? What was that about South Carolina? The Governor is missing? And he did what?
My first thought was that something truly terrible had happened at home, I panicked I’d missed a big news event. And I suppose I did, but the way these networks were covering Sandford’s MIA attempt you’d have thought the state had floated off and become an island like Hawaii!
I’ve got to tell you, listening to people’s reaction was embarrassing. The comedy reels played nonstop and the laughter grew louder. I’m glad to know in the big picture everyone back home is safe and sound, but if image is everything, South Carolina has some uphill climbing ahead.

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