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Through the eyes on an Intern!

Well I have been working at CN2 for a little over a month now, but now I am finally taking the time to express how it’s all going. My name is Mallory and I am currently a print major at the University of South Carolina. Now some people might find it strange that a print student is working at a TV station, but with the way newspapers are fading it actually makes a lot of sense to know all areas of the industry. I would one day like to write for a magazine like Sports Illustrated, but who knows with the conversion of most print materials moving to the web. Working for a broadcast station has confirmed one thing for me; I want to work in Journalism. I love how every day is different and the way each story is almost like an investigation. Most stories don’t usually turn out the way I had envisioned them, it seems unexpected information is often uncovered and the story changes completely.

Last week I had my first experience with breaking news, but it wasn’t until earlier this week that I experienced a story that really hit home. Every summer for the past three years as well as this summer I have been a lifeguard at my neighborhood pool. When I heard about a near drowning that happened just down the road from my pool it made me feel sick to my stomach. The other lifeguards and I had been discussing what happened actually right before I went on duty Saturday and I think it shook us all up. As a lifeguard for a pool that has been fortunate enough to not have experienced many accidents or any serious ones, to hear of a similar pool going through something like that scared the daylights out of all of us.

All we can say to parents is that a drowning is 100% preventable. But you cannot expect a lifeguard to do all of the work. If your kid can not swim I would recommend setting guidelines as to where he/she can go in the pool if they can go in at all. Things like stay in the shallow end, and even when they are on deck tell them to avoid going near the edge of the deep end. Those are just some ways you can help prevent kids from falling into water that is over their heads. Parents should never drop their kids off at the pool, the lifeguards are not babysitters. However, if it is a party, make sure the host of the party as well as the lifeguard knows if your child is not a good swimmer. It’s amazing how much of a difference a simple tip can make. One word from you could mean that the lifeguard makes a mental reminder to keep a special eye out for your child.


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