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What’s up movie watchers? It’s yours truly Trey Maggio here at the CN2 Headquarters. We’ll if you haven’t heard yet, the most anticipated movie of the summer is here!
Through the eyes on an Intern!
Well I have been working at CN2 for a little over a month now, but now I am finally taking the time to express how it’s all going. My name is Mallory and I am currently a print major at
Better Choices?
CN2 has been leading the way on some Breaking News stories this past week. It’s been a busy time in our newsroom but it’s also made me stop and think. These are heartbreaking stories
What did Mondays ever do to you?
I'll be honest; I'm generally a glass half full person. I think every day we're here is a great day. I think people get a little too worked up about a slow driver in front of them (although
Welcome to Link to Lucas
Alright welcome to my first blog posting. I’m really excited about this and I really like the name of my blog “Link to Lucas.” While I do love my name (thanks mom and dad) Lucas
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