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What I Want to be When I Grow Up!

I guess the timing is right to ask this question since kids are heading back to school. I knew pretty early on that I wanted to do something in TV. I have always been fascinated with the entertainment business and working in TV news I get to enjoy the industry. It wasn’t until high school that I turned my focus to TV news.

So many people in this industry will be asked from time to time “if you didn’t work in news what would you do?” For me this is an easy question. I would either be a dentist or orthodontist. Strange I know, but anyone who knows me knows I LOVE (putting it mildly) my teeth. I love my dentists The Sharps on Ebenezer Road in Rock Hill. I starting going to them as soon as I had my first tooth.

As a kid I had really bad teeth, but I always liked to smile. In the back of my mind I was always aware of my bad teeth. In high school like many kids I got braces. I was really happy to get them because I knew if I was going to work in TV news I had to have great teeth. With braces I had it all – rubber bands, train tracks even headgear. In two years I got my braces removed and they really changed my life. The shape of my face changed for starters. I also had the confidence to flash my giant smile and not worry about it.

I had a dentist appointment just the other day and when it’s time to go to Dr. Sharp I say it’s like Christmas morning. Odd – yes, but nothing beats the way your teeth feel after you get them cleaned. Take care of them – they will be with you your entire life.