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Apparently my team’s New Year’s resolution did not include updating blogs! I’m afraid we’ve left this page in a sad state of affairs, but we have made an April resolution (Why
Celebrity Apprentice
I am a huge TV fan, which makes sense since I work in TV. I also love reality television because mainly I can escape for an hour or two. Working in TV News can be very stressful and sad so reality TV
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I am going behind the scenes at the City of Rock Hill. I’m taking a 10 week Community Civics Course that basically teaches city residents all about their city. Each week one city department
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  Obviously Christmas is right around the corner and many of you – mainly us guys – will start wrapping your presents Christmas Eve. So I have a question for you – Can you
It is raining so it must be the weekend!
September 29, 2009 It’s raining so it must be the weekend....but we sure know how to make the best of it! The family and I just took a week to explore the Carolinas – but it rained
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What did Mondays ever do to you?

I'll be honest; I'm generally a glass half full person. I think every day we're here is a great day. I think people get a little too worked up about a slow driver in front of them (although I’ve had my moments), and I think people don't appreciate their good health enough. But even I would sometimes find myself complaining about Mondays. You know, back to the grind…end of the weekend…alarm clocks going off. 

That was…until I married a Monday (my husband is WSOC Meteorologist Keith Monday). Suddenly I had a new appreciation for the day and I think Mondays get a bad rap! Thanks to my husband (and my new last name) this is now how I try to see Mondays:  A fresh start. A new day. A time to reflect. A reminder that time goes by way too quickly.

The blogs you are going to find on are going to be a little bit about everything (and maybe sometimes about nothing). But I hope you leave here having had a chuckle, a positive thought, or even a negative reaction (as long as you tell us about that too)!

I hope you enjoy learning a little bit more about the wonderful people who work here at CN2.  Maybe you’ll even have the occasional revelation… because really, what did Mondays ever do to you?

Let me know your thoughts…send your comments to