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The Cat's Out of the Bag...

So Friday night I was telling our intern, Mallory, how I'm bad about updating my blog. Our News Director, Laurabree, overheard our discussion and immediately began saying how I need to get better at staying on top of updating... I told her I wasn't sure what to write about.
Laurabree tells me I should just write about a recent story I've done. That particular day  John and I went to an Animal Adoption Fair in Fort Mill and she suggested I write an entry discussing that, seeing as I like animals. I thought about it, and figured maybe it could be a good idea... Well, after hitting some major writer's block, I decided to take it in a slightly different direction, and talk more about my Own experience with animal adoption. This is the tale of my cat, Monster.

I moved into my own apartment about 3 years ago...After a year of living by myself, the solitude started to get to me, and I decided it'd be nice to have a pet around the place, to keep me company. At the time we had a family dog, Scooter, that lived with my mom, and I didn't want to feel like I was replacing him in any way, so I didn't want to get another dog... That and I didn't think it'd be a good idea to get one anyway, since I'm gone during the day, it wouldn't have anyone to play with, or be able to go outside and stuff.
I've owned parakeets before, and I was contemplating getting another one, but then decided against it, seeing as they tend to get their kicks out of squawking really loud when you're trying to watch tv, or just want quiet...
Had a couple fish over the years, but they're not exactly Cuddly companions, and I wanted something that would at least Act like it was listening when I talk to it...
After a lot of hard thinking, I decided to get a cat... No one in my family had owned one before, so I had no idea what I'd be getting into.
As if it was a sign from above, a couple weeks later our receptionist, Laurie, told me about how her husband caught a stray kitten and asked if I'd like to keep it. I was a little nervous, but everyone talked me into it. That afternoon I went to K-mart with some cat-knowledgeable co-workers to pick up everything I'd need to take care of my new kitten.
Litter box: Check... Cat-Litter: Check... Kitten Food: Check... Scratching Post: Check... Toys: Check...
Once I got home, I introduced my new roommate to his new home. He was pretty tuckered out from all the excitement, so he curled up on my foot-stole and fell asleep, looking like an innocent little ball of fur. I tried to figure out an appropriate name, but couldn't think of anything right away. I figured once I got to know his personality, it'd be easier to name him. For the time being, I just referred to him as "Little Dude".
A few days went by and I found out that raising a kitten was going to be a lot more work than I had planned on. I assigned friends to stop by my apartment during the day to make sure he wasn't getting into any trouble, while I was at work.I quickly learned that cats seem to think Fresh Loaves of Bread are to be used as scratching posts, and that if you close doors, that's a signal for them to start howling at the top of their lungs until you open the door back up. ((At least that made it easier for me to pick a name for him... I chose "Monster"...seemed appropriate))
Yes, I began to have some regrets about taking in this furry little hellion, and even considered giving him away. I didn't end up doing that, and over the last 2 years of owning him, we've grown pretty close... Well, as close as a human and a cat can get. This past February our dog, Scooter, went into heart failure and we had to put him to sleep. We had Scooter for 13 years, so it was a sad time for my whole family. Losing Scooter made me made me even more glad to have Monster around, but we still have our disagreements. Kind of like when he spreads used cat litter across the kitchen floor, or jumps atop the refridgerator to knock down my boxes of cereal.

Overall I would say adopting a pet can have it's challenges but also it's rewards. Sometimes you just have to take the torn up loaves of bread with the soft purring ball of fur that loves to lay on your lap while you watch tv.