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What’s up movie watchers? It’s yours truly Trey Maggio here at the CN2 Headquarters.

We’ll if you haven’t heard yet, the most anticipated movie of the summer is here! “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.” This new installment of the Transformers franchise looks like it’s going to be AWESOME. I personally can’t wait to check it out, but first let me share a few things with you that I’ve learned about the movie by swimming around the inter-web.

The plot is pretty simple as it has been two years since the last movie ended. Sam Witwicky (Played by the young Shia LeBeouf) is preparing to go off to college. This of course is a big step for him as he will have to leave his “guardian robot” friend “Bumble Bee” behind, as well as his girlfriend Mikaela (Megan Fox). At the same time the leader of the good guy robot team known as the “Auto-bots”, is being told by the government that they don’t feel safe with ANY robots living on earth wither they are good or bad, and are forcing them all to leave. Optimus Prime, the leader, understands that earth does not want them on the planet and will agree to leave as long as the inhabitants of earth are willing to live “defenseless” from another attack of villains. Without knowledge of an attack being planned onto earth, banning the Auto-bots from your planet couldn’t be a worse idea!

For those of you who have seen the first movie you know that the main “bad guy robot” (also known as the “Decepticons”) of the film went by the name of “MEGA-TRON”. Towards the end of the movie Megatron is defeated and one of the last clips you see of him is the army dumping his body parts, gadgets, and gizmos into the ocean In hopes of the deep water pressure compacting him into nothing. Now with that said, within the first Transformers 2 preview that was released you actually see little mini robots on the bottom of an ocean appearing to try and repair some sort of robot! BUT contrary to most opinions this is actually may NOT be Megatron! This could be the new robot known as “The Fallen” and also the expected bad-guy for this movie. Though, it is not for certain that Megatron WONT be in this movie, it is not for sure he will either. The secrets of this movie have been kept very "hush-hush" So my theory could be completely wrong! Who knows until you go see it :)

Another Decepticon villain that could return for this film is known as “Star Scream”, the transorming jet.  Very quickly at the end of the transformers 1, you see Star Scream retreat into outer space. His return to earth is still a possibility for this film. (Personally I hope he comes back, being he is my favorite Decepticon!)

Well that’s just a little bit of the plot for the movie that’s due to hit theaters July 1st. So be sure to go check it out! There is also a clip and trailer all in one at the bottom of this page courtesy of “YouTube”. Let me know your opinion as well! Shoot me an Email at It’d be great to hear from you! Well that’s all the space I’m aloud so with this closing up id just like to say thanks for reading!

-Trey Maggio

Quote of the Day:
“We are here. We are waiting.”
-Optimus Prime - Transformers 2007