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Better Choices?

CN2 has been leading the way on some Breaking News stories this past week. It’s been a busy time in our newsroom but it’s also made me stop and think. These are heartbreaking stories that both involve teenage girls. When I was a young teenager heading into summer I was looking forward to working at our town pool. It’s a different world (but I suppose that’s what every generation says).

First an Indian Land teacher and coach faces several charges for having a relationship with one of his middle school students. While there’s no question the responsibility lies with the adult – one still wishes this young girl had the strength to seek help.

Then, on Thursday it’s believed a 15 year old girl had just robbed a Rock Hill Convenience store when she was shot and killed by police.

I want to know at what point these young women could have made better choices. Were strong role models available to them?  How do we as women work to build enough confidence in our young girls so they believe their lives are worth more?  It may just wishful thinking to believe these situations could have been avoided, but  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Email me at: and I’ll post your comments.